《Andante》(韓語:안단테,英語:Andante),為韓國KBS 1TV將於2017年9月24日起播出的日曜晨間連續劇,由《廣告天才李太白》朴基鎬導演執導與《玉琳成長日記》朴善子作家合作打造。此劇講述男主角私自轉學到農村學校後,生活中的點點滴滴與故事。


[email protected]放棄休假拍《Andante》 首次做男主角獲SUHO、D.O. 打氣 ...  EXO最近以新歌《POWER》一曲進行活動中,但各位EXO的成員也在落力進行個人活動。一向被喻為「舞蹈機器」的EXO成員KAI將以演員金鍾仁(KAI的本名)的身份 ... 香港01 (2017/09/19 15:57)

KAI & 金珍京新劇《Andante》四人海報公開! 角色大解析- KSD 韓星網 ...  今日,由EXO成員KAI主演的KBS1電視劇《Andante》公開了四位主角的海報,還有角色介紹哦! 韓星網 (2017/09/14 16:07)

EXO KAI主演浪漫新劇《Andante》 穿上校服重返青春18歲- KSD 韓星 ...  EXO成員KAI主演的青春愛情劇《Andante》,即將在24日首播。日前劇組再公開KAI穿上校服,完美變身18歲高中生的劇照,吸引粉絲目光集中。 韓星網 (2017/09/12 10:34)

"Andante" Reveals Stills Of EXO's Kai And Onscreen Family In ...  It looks like EXO's Kai will be experiencing trouble on the first episode of KBS's upcoming youth drama "Andante." Kai, Lee Ye Hyun (who plays his younger. soompi (2017/09/21 9:55)

城市男孩愛上「班邊」的故事!EXO成員KAI、金珍京《Andante》大談搞怪戀愛  EXO的「K演員」KAI挑大樑的清新小品電視劇《Andante》即將播出囉! andante [æn'dænti] n.行板、緩慢的曲子adj.緩慢的adv.緩慢地。 時間總是流逝得很快,青春時光也時常在不知不覺中溜走,但它們卻會緩慢地在我們人生中,刻劃出一道很深的痕跡。 source: etoday. 妞新聞 niusnews (2017/09/17 11:00)

EXO's Kai Talks About Working On "Andante" In Place Of Vacation ...  On September 19, KBS1's upcoming Sunday drama "Andante" held a press conference. EXO's Kai, Kim Jin Kyung, Baek Chul Min, Lee Ye Hyun, and Park Ki Ho ... soompi (2017/09/19 14:26)

“Andante” Releases Amusing New Stills Of EXO's Kai With His Onscreen Sister Lee Ye Hyun  The behind-the-scenes stills show Kai with Lee Ye Hyun, who plays his onscreen sister Si Young. While Si Kyung and Si Young are siblings, there's an awkward atmosphere that surrounds them. The images show them walking together while maintaining ... soompi (2017/09/18 11:44)

“Andante” Releases New Poster And Character Descriptions For EXO's Kai And More  On September 14, “Andante” released their character poster and descriptions for their four main leads, EXO's Kai, Kim Jin Kyung, Baek Chul Min, and Lee Ye Hyun. In the released poster, the four characters look energetic and fresh in front of a pastel ... soompi (2017/09/14 16:30)

Anyone remember  For a year or so Andante seemed to be the future. Then, without warning, Berg� demanded his money back. Maybe he read something he didn't like. He was always short-tempered and capricious. The Andante site was taken over by the Naive record label, ... Slipped Disc (2017/09/11 18:19)

EXO's Kai And Kim Jin Kyung Tease Spring Romance In "Andante ...  KBS has released the official poster for its upcoming drama "Andante," featuring EXO member Kai and actress Kim Jin Kyung as its leads. With the caption, " soompi (2017/09/11 13:33)